How to Get Started


Step 1: Download the Quantivize Health mobile app

Step 2: Create an account

  • Pro tip: Make sure that you use your work email so you get credit.

Step 3: Log your workouts

  • Via your wearable device (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.) It's automatic!

    • If you are using Fitbit, make sure to select that data source in the "Profile" section of the app.

    • If you are using a Samsung device, you’ll need to set up the Health Sync app as well.

  • With your favorite workout app

  • Manually in the Quantivize Health app (tap here to see how)

Step 4: Hit your goal and get paid!

  • You'll receive your payment after the end of the goal period (usually the first of the month)


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You can also check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) here.