Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download the app?


How do I create an account?

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply click sign up and fill out your info


What email address should I use?

  • Please use your work email. It’s the only way you’ll get credit for working out!


It says my email domain is not registered when I try to sign up. What do I do?

  • You’ve likely used your personal email address. Try your work email.



How do I log calories?

You can do it one of 3 ways:

  1. With an Apple watch or Fitbit. This is automatic so all you have to do it wear it!

    • If you are using Fitbit, make sure to select that data source in the "Profile" section of the app.

    • If you are using a Samsung device, you’ll need to set up the Health Sync app as well.

  2. With any 3rd party fitness app, if you have one that you like to use normally.

    • As long as it’s synced to Google Fit or Apple Health.

  3. Manually log it in the Quantivize Health app.


What sort of exercise works with Quantivize Health?

  • Any type of exercise works with Quantivize Health As long as your burning calories, you are getting paid!


Do I need to have a smartwatch or other wearable?

  • No! You can use Quantivize Health with any smartphone. You can log your calories via any 3rd party fitness app that you like (just make sure it syncs with apple health or google fit). You can also log your exercise manually in the Apple Health or Google Fit apps.

  • A smartwatch makes it a lot easier though, so we recommend you get one. After all, it pays for itself on Quantivize Health!


Do you track calories or steps?

  • We track calories burned. You may see it as “active energy” for iOS. This let’s you get credit for any type of exercise or activity, not just the ones where you walk!


Is it any calorie? Don't I burn a bunch of calories just sitting here?

  • We only count active calories, which are the ones you burn as a result of exercise. This doesn't include the 2,000 or so you burn every day just being you!


Why aren't my Fitbit stats showing up?

  • Make sure you choose Fitbit as the data source in the "Profile" section of the app.



How do I get paid?

  • Every employer chooses their own type of reward, so you may receive a gift card, HSA contribution, venmo payment, or donation to charity. Check your welcome emails for more info on your specific employer.


When will I receive my payment?

  • You should see your payment in your email inbox within the first few days of the month. You’ll need to wait for the goal period to end before you can receive your payment. Rest assured, it’s coming!


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